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Sustainable Mediterranean Construction



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Definition of greenergy
Also this new issue of the SMC magazine follows the tradition of the scientific steering committee, by addressing the studies towards a number of concepts strong felt and faced according to a multidisciplinary method, so selecting a very debated subject, as well as dedicated to the Mediterranean topics, that of the so-called greenergy.
Indeed at first sight this word appears dense of meanings, but almost un-translatable in Italian, already representing a neologism in the Anglo-Saxon language. It consists, as it can be observed, of an adjective, green, and a noun, energy: both in fact stimulate a world of experience, reflection, problems and interpretations, by appearing linked to the national and international political swing, according to the scientific and cultural subjects.
The name energy, that the dictionary defines at first analysis as “….force, vigour … active operation; power actively exerted; individual power in exercise; capacity to produce effect,”1 derives from the ancient Greek word energeia, coming from the word energes (active), which at its turn takes the meaning from ergo, work. As we have seen the concept of action or labour is within the etymology itself, but also within the scientific value of the word, which in fact in physics represents: “…power of doing work possessed at any instant by a body or system of bodies. … latent, potential energy is body’s power of doing work by virtue of stresses resulting from its relation to other bodies; kinetic, actual energy is power of doing work possessed by moving body by virtue of its motion.”2 According to the shape that the energy takes, it will be named mechanical, kinetic (or actual), potential (or latent) energy, or furthermore thermal, irradiative, elastic and gravitational, electrostatic, electromagnetic, chemical, nuclear, and finally mass energy.
Specifically we can remember how the word energy – which is properly born as indicator of power – had acquired upon time also other meanings such as initiative spirit, strength, invention, enterprising will. To this metaphorical expression, the title of this issue of the magazine counter poses the application of green, which on the contrary had taken a different physiognomy, by coming to identify a world of potential linked mainly to the ‘soft’ typologies of our civilized world.


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