Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

From issue n. 15, SMC assigns an editorial space to the recommendation of context of documented settlement discomfort within anthropized milieu of the Mediterranean area.

The recommendation form, which should be edited in a clear brief shape, will be signed only with the author’s initials, for it does not establish a title and will not be subjected to referee procedure.
The purpose of this venture is that of bringing to the scientific-community’s and scholars’ attention the most critical territorial realms from a social, economic and housing point of view, both within urbanized and rural framework.

The text should be written in the mother tongue (of the represented place) and in English.

The structure of the report should respect the following requirements:

  • Title [maximum 80 characters (space included)]
  • Abstract [maximum 500 characters (space included)]

The text [maximum 4000 characters (space included)] must be divided into:

  • Geopolitical context and settlement conditions data
  • Hazard factors
  • Cause
  • Support actions taken or to be undertaken

The publication of these reports has the sole purpose of highlighting critical realities; it is not subject to review by referees and will be published with only the author's initials, therefore it does not constitute a scientific title.

Any fee is due for the publication of the Solidarity Sheet.