Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

The Association

The non-profit SMC Association’s goal is that of offering innovation to the scientific and cultural debate about environment and built milieu in the Mediterranean area.

Expressly the Association sets out the following objectives:

  • to favour studies and projects aimed at supervision of land transformation within the Mediterranean basin;
  • to arrange cultural events, conferences, projects, seminars, exhibitions, useful for promoting the developed studies;
  • to promote dissemination of research’s results by means of editorial activity in any shape (publication by printing, multimedia supports, etc.):
  • to programme education courses and technical classes with qualified experts.

The cultural Association “SMC Sustainable Mediterranean Construction” intends, moreover, to develop its own research activities in agreement with other associations and bodies, at various qualification operating on the territory both at national and international characters.

Studies and the research will be activated in line with the public Administrations’ tools and predictions so as to favour a coherent adoption of results.

The latest issue of the magazine
SMC N. 18 | 2023