Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

Sustainable Mediterranean Construction



Matei Mitrache

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Investigating the contemporary world focusing on macro and micro systems involves an inevitable approach between objects or spaces (architecture or city) and technology. One of the domains most touched by globalization phenomenon, technology is nowadays in a continuous process of change and innovation at a speed that, 30 years ago, was inconceivable. As a result, the role of the energy component in building life is increasingly important, meeting the growing needs of the users eager to discover the new technological trends.
Now, it is jointly accepted by the architects and construction companies, that energy conservation should be paid a great attention by trying to implement solutions that make use of natural light, solar energy and natural ventilation, benefitting of their minimal impact on the environment.
This article tries to bring confront the architectural components and energy resources through technologies that have this “conscience” protection of the environment. If tradition and vernacular applied these principles, that have passed the time test, without question, current technology is supported by numbers and statistics, as the only way to demonstrate its effectiveness.


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