Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

Sustainable Mediterranean Construction



Rossella Franchino, Antonella Violano

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The title re-formulates a famous expression of Calatrava: “I’m always looking for more light and space”, perfectly consistent with the famous remark of Le Corbusier: “Architecture is the wise, rigorous and magnificent play of assembled volumes in the light.” For non-residential buildings, based on what the Art. 4 of L.D.
90/2013 established, the energy performance of buildings is determined on the basis of the annual global energy demand in primary energy, including lighting systems.
Particularly for museums, one of the essential problems is the right lighting necessary for the visual enjoyment of the work of art exhibited. The quality of lighting is crucial to the preservation of works of art, as well as the appropriate microclimate in the exhibition halls. Design control of lighting does not depend only on an efficient system design.
The envelope plays the main role in the control of natural light, which characterizes the spaces and communicates feelings of pleasure and wellness, but also wonder and emotional involvement. This study analyzes the design parameters of the building-plant system, paying particular attention to the interaction between natural and artificial light for museums.


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