Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

Sustainable Mediterranean Construction

Call N.19

CALL n° 19 per la Rivista Scientifica SMC

ISSN printed edition: 2385-1546
ISSN on-line edition: 2420-8213
(n° 1/2024)

Sustainable Mediterranean Construction. Land Culture, Research and Technology

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Introduction to issue n.19

The subject about energy comes again strongly prominent due to wars and environmental problems. It is part of the SDG17, it is included in the Green Deal and is at the moment considered as one of the most difficult problems to deal with, since it involves any field of human activities.

SMC journal has already faced this subject with the issues n. 14 in 2021 (Energy History and Science), and n. 6 in 2017 (Greenergy), within which many authors have developed and described their research according to various disciplines.

The here presented issue has nevertheless the ambition of offering space for a slightly different subject, due to the fact that it involves social and communitarian aspects regarding the wider question of energy supply for anthropic areas, and it reflects the present and innovative principle according to which no human action can be undertaken without justice, both referring to gender and ethnicity.

Although the cost, the availability, the accessibility and the capacity of employing energy shapes indispensable for a minimal quality of life establish a whole complex of civic standards for any terrestrial nation, nevertheless it will be a very difficult goal to achieve: the great diversity between various countries and populations as far as the aforesaid principles are concerned make it impossible to generate conditions of quality and health for all.

Among the SD goals, besides those already faced indeed in the issues n. 11, 12, 13 e 14, which were referred specifically to the construction world, others are present in wide measure as goals regarding social aspects, such as :

n. 1 ( no poverty), n. 2 (zero hunger), n. 3 (good health and well-being), n. 5 (gender equality), n. 6 (clean water and sanitation), n. 10 (reduced inequalities) and n. 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions); as far as the question of energy-shape use indispensability for any human being, the goal n. 7 is very clear: “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.”..”


The subject, then, proposed for this n.19 concerns mainly the research carried out by scholars about the relationship generated between energy - in any of its shapes and sources - and communities.

Therefore, in the first place the issue will propose the questions directly linked to the energy districts as technical tools for resolution in some cases of non-equality for energy access, but also as means for fossil fuels sources and prime matter saving. However, it is determined also to play the task of stimulating eventual researchers to present studies regarding social aspects linked to energy procurement and use, due to the fact that those aspects are on one hand generator of behaviours and on the other hand effects derived indeed from energy policies in any nation.


Issue n. 19: Social Communities and Energy, in particular declined according to the following sub-topics: 19: Comunità ed Energia, in particolare declinato in base ai seguenti sotto-temi:


  1. Urban design towards low ecological footprint
  2. Material science and technology
  3. Building Enviornmental Phisics
  4. Historical construction
  5. Industrial design for all
  6. Geological science
  7. Architectural science
  8. Representation methodologies
  9. Structural science
  10. Solidarity and participation


All submitted papers will be assessed by the Editorial Board and “double peer blindly” reviewed by an international panel of experts in the specific sectors.

The Journal is:

  • Indexed in SCOPUS since the issue n. 9; SCOPUS a partire dal numero 9;
  • Included in the Italian ANVUR Scientific Journals from October the 31st, 2018 (thus, the papers here published have also a recognition as VQR (the research assessment criteria) products; Riviste Scientifiche dal 31 ottobre del 2018 (gli articoli pubblicati hanno quindi valore anche quali prodotti della VQR biennale per la ricerca);
  • Included in the Italian ANVUR classification of Journals as A Class, from April the 7th, 2020, with a retrospective recognition since 2016. Classe A dal 7 aprile 2020 con valore retroattivo fin dal 2016.

Magazine main subjects - Construction technology, Material science, Survey and representation, Construction procedures and security, Urban planning, Land transformation and perception, History of architecture, Landscape design, Hydraulics, Geological impacts, Architectural and Engineering design, Energy saving, Structural and Technical physics, Industrial design, Environment and land sociology and Legal studies - are all connected with the sustainable construction in the Mediterranean region.

The magazine will provide cultural and information exchange between researchers, professionals, scientists, technicians as far as the achievement in the field of their actions and studies are concerned. Joined with the acceptance of the paper, the specific template, according to which the final version of the paper should be edited, could be downloaded by the authors from the SMC platform.


Authors’ submission of abstract                                                                                     January the 15th, 2024
Editorial Board’ acceptance of abstract                                                 January the 22nd 2024
Authors’ submission of full paper                                       February the 22nd, 2024
Notification of acceptance (after the double peer blind review process)                         April the 30th, 2024
Camera ready submission                 May the 12th, 2024
Registration payment                                                                                        May the 12th, 2024
Issue scheduled date                                                                                                     June, 2024

The abstracts should be submitted by means of the on-purpose format of the SMC platform following this link or by clicking on the "Abstract Submission Form" button further up on this page.

The full papers, in the English version and in the mother-tongue one, reviewed according to the suggestions derived by the referee procedure, should be edited according to the “Template” downloadable from the SMC platform, then submitted in the two formats “Word” and “PDF”, to the following addresses:

Please contact us for any information at:

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